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About Parabox

Parabox is the first Metaverse built on the Radix Ledger and is purposed to foster a traversable world of immersive social-gaming experiences. Parabox's virtual world contains 80,892 parcels of ownable digital land and is free to play for everyone enabling its users the ability to earn, create, trade and own digital assets/tokens thereby monetizing ones gaming experience.


Genesis Avatars

To begin the Parabox journey, 10,000 unique Genesis Avatars will be minted into existence. Genesis Avatars are the first playable NFT avatars of Parabox. To mint 1 Genesis Avatar, a reservation transaction of 300 XRD must be sent to Parabox's official wallet address:

rdx1qspr8klwqyf4564xauqzhnjazxxw2eeshdu57kj3qzfffyahhzwvqygssxt9j  COPY


Virtual Economy

Parabox's in world economy is powered by $PARA, the natively accepted in-game currency token of Parabox. $PARA allows its virtual society to exchange in what they think is of equal value. Users can earn $PARA through competing with other users in community built games or through creating valuable content for other users to immerse in.


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